Friday, 16 September 2011

Denim Duty Redefined!..

Denim is the arguably the one wardrobe essential that can be found in every college student’s closet. The right pair of jeans can easily take you from the classroom to date night, making them the ultimate wardrobe must-have. Jeans are comfortable and flattering, and with so many different washes and cuts out there, the choices are endless.

Four of the most popular denim cuts for Fall 2011 are flares, skinny, wide-leg, and boyfriend jeans.

The Top 3 Jean Trends for Fall 2011

If you’re looking for something different than your basic old blue jeans, check out these three denim trends that will be popular for fall.

1. Colored Skinnies

Colored denim was trendy a few years ago and now it’s back in a big way for fall and winter. This season is all about the colorful skinny jeans, which are available in pretty much every hue imaginable. To make them fall-appropriate, though, we suggest picking up a pair in a rich, autumnal hue like the ones below.

Not sure how to wear them? Pairing them with neutrals is a no-brainer, but you could also wear these jeans with a colorful top for a bold, color-blocked look.
Product Info: Purple- Forever 21+, Dark Red- Miss Selfridge, Teal- Delia’s, Magenta- Forever 21, Mustard- Topshop

2. White Denim

Since we all know that the silly little rule regarding “no white after Labor Day” is outdated, bright, white denim is slated to be a popular denim wash throughout fall and winter. Wearing white during colder months definitely makes a bold statement, but white jeans can be one of the trickier denim styles to pull off. These babies definitely best accessorized with tons of confidence!
Product Info: Straight Leg Jeans- Bloomingdales, Skinny Jeans- ASOS, 1969 Curvy Jeans- Gap, Charlie Flare White Jeans- Lucky Brand, Diesel Skinny Jeans- YOOX

3. Patched Jeans

Love destroyed denim? Then you’ll probably love this season’s patched jeans, which are exactly what they sound like — jeans with sewn-on patches. While they’re definitely not for everyone, these jeans give off a cool, grungy vibe that’s sure to be noticed. If you aren’t up for buying a pair of ready-made patched jeans, you could easily DIY your own with an old pair!
Product Info: Contrast Patch Jeans- H&M, Patched Grunge Flares- Wet Seal, Crafted Skinny Flare Jean- Levi’s, Patched Boyfriend Jean- Quicksilver, Pacific Patchwork Jean- Quicksilver

4 Jean-Free Ways to Wear Denim

Jeans aren’t the only denim style that will be popular for fall! Check out these four other denim trends for back-to-school:

1. Skirts

Denim skirts are going to be huge, and we mean H-U-G-E this season. That said, we’re not talking about those basic denim mini-skirts you wore to death in middle and high school. This fall, denim skirts have gotten a chic makeover. Every type of skirt imaginable has a denim version out there right now, so whether you like A-line, midi or pencil skirts, there’s sure to be a denim skirt that matches your personal aesthetic.

Product Info: Stitched Detail Skirt- BCBGeneration, Button-Front Skirt- Old Navy, Pencil Skirt- Nordstrom, Midi Skirt- Madewell, White Skirt- Anthropologie, Side Zip Skirt- Debenhams

2. Jackets

Jean jackets are classic pieces that are perfect for cooler weather – even better, they’re having a major fashion comeback this fall. You can easily throw a denim jacket over your favorite dress to create an instant effortless, all-American look. Invest in a good denim jacket and you’ll have a stylish option that will last you years. However, if you want an of-the-moment moto or cropped denim jacket, look for cheaper alternatives at places like Forever 21 or H&M.
Product Info: Denim Biker Jacket- House of Fraser, Double Breasted Denim Jacket- Urban Outfitters, Cropped Denim Jacket- Topshop, Denim Western Jacket- ASOS, Destroyed Denim Jacket- Forever 21+, Denim Sherpa Jacket- Delia’s

3. Dresses

Denim dresses were popular throughout the summer and they’ll still be trendy for fall. Just like jeans, denim dresses are available in tons of cuts, washes and styles, so find one you love and rock it all winter long.
As far as styling a denim dress goes, wear one with flats and a lightweight cardigan while the weather is still nice, then layer on some thick tights and your favorite coat once it gets cold outside. The denim dress is a super-versatile piece, if you ask us.
Product Info: Coy in Denim Dress- ModCloth, Belted Denim Shirtdress- Forever 21, Faded Strapless Dress- Urban Outfitters, Bleached Denim Prom Dress- Dorothy Perkins, Charmin’ Sandiego Dress- ModCloth

4. Shirts

Since jeans are such a common way to wear denim, shirts made out of this material are a somewhat out-of-the-box way to wear denim for fall. Pair a denim shirt with a nice pair of trousers or a pretty skirt for a sleek look, or be brave and wear some stylish double denim.
Not ready to rock a full-on denim shirt? Try one out made out of denim’s easy-to-wear cousin, chambray.
Product Info: Just as You Are Top- ModCloth, Bow Blouse- ASOS, Pioneer Shirt- Roxy, Snap Up Denim Shirt- Forever 21, Denim Cropped T-Shirt- ASOS, Sunset Chambray Shirt- Quicksilver

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Harem pants: How to make them say 'sexy'!

Harem pants; also known as the "Ali Baba" pants,for those who see
the resemblance, are making a comeback among fashionistas
and fashionable youths. Yes, everything from the 80s is back!   

These pants fall and drape in the right places, but if you’re heavy in the hips and thighs or have short legs and a long torso, you’ll want to wear really high heels to get a similar effect. Sky-high stilettos will eliminate the frump factor and add a seriously sexy line to the portion of leg not enveloped in the pants. To keep the overall silhouette clean and balanced, wear something tight and minimal on top — body skimming tanks are best for summer — tucked in or belted so that the waist shows.
These pants appear tappered at the ankle area, very roomy at the hips. They are more suitable for  figures that are lanky rather than curvy ones because they will add volume to your hips and thighs.And and, to prevent yourself from looking like Ali Baba or Aladdin(now that I remembered that Disney show), please wear them with a pair of good looking heels and not flats!
Product Information: Tank – Delias, Jacket – Buckle, Pants – Topshop, Shoes – Endless, Bag – Forever21, Ring – Windsor Store
Since the pants are the main attraction here, pair them with a tank in a muted color. Some chunky gold jewelry and strong heels make this look elegant but daring, and with the elastic waistband, its an evening outfit you can actually eat in.

American Apparel, Alexis Lamontagna and Ella Moss are using comfy cotton jersey for their version of the look. Their harem pants are casual and can be worn with something more sporty, such as a racer-back tank or fitted V-neck T-shirt. Great heels will dress them up and flatter the body, but if you’re comfortable with the silhouette, flats or flip-flops will work too.

All these pants have a huge cool factor because the look is so unexpected. And trust me — when it works, it has an attitude and slouch that simply says “sexy tomboy.” Don’t be afraid to try it.

-to wear Harem Pants…

If you really feel the need to follow this trend, here is a how-to:
Get the surrounding elements and proportions right! When you have some voluminous fabric, it’s best to keep everything around it fairly simple and on the fitted side. I would think a snug little tank top is key if you’re going to go blousy below. And I was thinking, too, that proportionally, the high, fitted waist could do a lot of favors in terms of making one’s waist appear smaller and maybe disguising some of things some of us might want disguised in the bottom area. And for my money, seeing a bit of the ankles seems to be very helpful in giving the look room to breathe. I also think you need the highest possible heel in your closet.

Harem pants can definitely work for college girls. When worn with wedges or heels, they make your legs look mile-long. They also look amazing with a fitted top that shows off your figure and a cute cropped jacket. When wearing these pants, just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple; you don’t want your accessories and jewelry to make you look like a genie.Harem pants are the fashionista’s version of sweatpants.

If you are large chested, wear a cropped, fitted blazer or jacket to keep the proportions right. Stay away from shoulder pads or anything too bulky, though, unless you’re trying for that “Hammer time” feeling.

The slightly slouchy drape across the front looks relaxed but not overwhelming, and because the style isn’t as extreme as most, you can wear flat sandals to keep the pants summery and island chic.

The key to pulling the harem pant off is by keeping things simple and letting the pants do all the talking. Wear them with a cropped jacket or a t-shirt and be sure to pair your harem pants with fabulous heels. They look great with pumps, strappy shoes and even booties. These pants tend to look better on slimmer taller women but this doesn’t mean that shorter girls should not attempt this look. Depending on the fabric and the style of the pants, both tall and short women alike can and should try them on for size. What makes these pants different from all others is that they start off like a skirt and go on to hug your legs at the bottom. Also, you should know that there are different kinds of harem pants.

Shorter women should try them in a full length version like the ones in the pictures of Rihanna, Christina Milian and Ciara. These celebrities are not super model tall, but look fabulous in harem pants and so can you. Harem pants also come full or tapered. The ones you choose depends on your personal taste. But if you are on a shorter side, always, always, always wear them with your highest heels. My personal favorite are harem pants that have pockets. They have a loose and flowy fit, but keep you looking chic and sexy at the same time.

When harem pants came down the runways at ChloĆ© and Alexander McQueen for spring 2009, they somehow glided past the cartoony pop culture associations (Barbara Eden’s Jeannie in the ’60s, MC Hammer’s ’80s gold) to help define summer’s effortlessly slouchy look.

But the style is hardly effortless to pull off. In fact, next to hot pants and high-waisted trousers, harem pants may be the most daunting item of clothing to wear. They tend to make the hips, rear and thighs look larger while making legs seem shorter. So, why venture into the harem? Because these pants are a great way to mix up the predictable pieces of the season and add something daring to a wardrobe. You can make these pants look chic and flattering — it’s all a matter of balancing proportions and adding the right accessories so the statement is bold, not “I Dream of Jeannie.”

Don't confuse harem pants with dhoti pants. Dhoti pants are loose only at the upper leg which is the thigh area. They start tapering gradually thereafter. Harem pants are airy and loose throughout the leg area except at the hemline. Also, the area with gathered fabric is more for dhoti pants and less for harem pants.

Friday, 2 September 2011

A Foolproof Guide to Matching Colors in Your Outfits

Let’s face it: Black is the go-to color for almost everyone. Most of us home in on the simple, classic black and white pieces on a rack while completely ignoring colors with names like fuchsia or chartreuse.
Why are bright, fun colors so often overlooked? We are secretly terrified of styling them the wrong way. Every woman has her own set of color matching rules that has been passed down – most of them restrictive, involving more “don’t”s than “do”s. But in reality, you can wear more colors together than you think. This easy guide to matching colors will have you fearlessly rocking ruby red heels without Grandma’s belt-shoe-bag rule ringing in your ear.

Introducing: The Color Wheel

You may recognize this spinning little rainbow (albeit stationary for our purposes) from your many years of mandatory art classes — I know I used it for quite a few art projects back in the day. This circle of color is going to serve as a grown-up guide to matching colors. Trust me, it’s foolproof!

How to Match Colors: The Basics

Below, I’ll show you how to match different hues together for a harmonious ensemble.

Primary Colors

Red, blue, and yellow are known as the primary colors. All other colors come from a combination of these three hues. Primary colors can work great for a monochrome look, which means styling an outfit using only one color. This idea seems basic, but when executed correctly, appears modern and chic. Utilizing only one color lengthens and streamlines the body.
Top – Old Navy, Jeans – Macy’s, Shoes –, Earrings – Coach, Bracelet – Macy’s, Handbag – Dorothy Perkins
If the monochrome look isn’t your thing and you want to get a little more daring, you can also mix primary colors in one outfit for a mod look, as seen below:
Tank – J.Crew, Blazer – Dorothy Perkins, Jeans – Miss Selfridge, Clutch – ASOS, Necklace – H&M, Bangle – Dorothy Perkins, Heels – Zara

Complementary Colors

Finding complementary colors is simple: Pick any color on the color wheel (for diversity, try a secondary or tertiary color, i.e. any color that isn’t red, yellow, or blue), and trace your finger directly across the circle to the opposite portion of the wheel. What you will find is that the colors directly line up and appear to be opposites of one another. Some complementary pairings are: orange/blue, violet/yellow, turquoise/maroon.
Top – Topshop, Shorts – Topshop, Sandals – DSW, Bag – Nordstrom, Earrings – Zara, Necklace – Modcloth

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are even easier to find on the wheel than complementary colors. Just pick any one color on the wheel, then choose the color to the right or the left of the original — you have found your palette. Hues that are similar to one another on the color wheel create a harmonious and cohesive look. Below, I created an outfit using red and pink – which many say don’t go together, but can actually be combined for a fabulously unexpected look.
Dress – Forever 21, Shoe – Charlotte Russe, Bangles – Forever 21, Ring – Miss Selfridge, Belt – Topshop, Clutch – Debenhams

Accent Color

So you’ve mastered the color wheel. You know how to pair a killer lemon heel with a navy romper. Sometimes, though, situations require more subdued and conservative looks. For example, as much as you would love to wear your summery brights year round, your boss isn’t exactly a fan of the color wheel (boo).
When you have to tone down the rainbow, try adding just a pop of color to your ensemble. Keep a neutral palette by using black, navy, or cream, and add just a hint of color in the right place. Fashion is all about self-expression and versatility.
Top – Topshop, Blazer – Topshop, Skirt – Topshop, Shoe – Payless, Bag – Banana Republic, Bracelet – Kohls, Earrings – Nordstrom

One Final Tip About Wearing Color

Before we go, I just want to leave you with a little reminder, in case you’re doubting your abilities to wear different hues.
Whatever you do, stop saying to yourself: “Well, black is supposed to be slimming. I cannot be caught dead in orange. Purple dress, purple shoes, purple flowers. (Oh my!)” Try refreshing your wardrobe with a little color, and a little confidence – you can do it! In reality, you can wear any color you want – it’s all about finding your most flattering shades and being willing to experiment.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Chain strap flats and heels too :)

Diane Kruger and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are not the only celebs obsessed with chain-strap flats these days. A quick Google search will reveal that all the stylish Hollywood stars have a pair. Will you take a cue from these fashionable celebrities and add a pair of chain strap flats to your own shoe collection?
In my opinion, a simple chain is the perfect way to add edge to the normally-sweet ballet flat. In addition, I imagine that not only do the chains add a twist of sophistication, they probably help the shoes to stay on better! I cannot wait until other brands and stores begin carrying these trendy shoes; I need a pair for myself!

Interested in re-creating the celeb styles for yourself?

Product Information: Dress – Topshop, Shoes – Shopbop, Bag – H&M, Bracelet – Nordstrom, Earrings – Nordstrom
Jennifer Hudson  gives her typically sweet ballet flats a little edge by picking pair with a tough chain around the ankle