Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tips for buying hair accessories :----

Here are some hair accessories buying tips which would help you buy better products for your hair.

1 Tiaras :-- A must have in the wardrobe of teens. If you are a teenager and wanna feel like princess Tiara is the best choice for you.

2 Headbands and scarves :-- Wearing this anyone would not be able to take their eye from your hair.

3 Hair clips :-- They would make your hair look good in any shape and style.

 4 Ribbons and Bows :-- These are must have for parties and gatherings. Most commonly in these are popular amongst kids.

5 Barrettes :-- If your hair is curly or cluttered than Barrettes are the best option.

6 Hair stick :-- But this needs trick to clip it in your hair. If you cling the hair stick perfectly in your hair than they give an amazing look.

7 scrunchies and Ties :-- They help you fix your messy hair.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Flirty and Fun Summer Hats- (beat the heat!!)

Celebs know that a cool hat is an essential summer accessory. They can add sass to an otherwise plain outfit, and protect your scalp, hair, and face from harmful UV rays while you're lounging on the beach. Whether you prefer funky fedoras or big, floppy sun hats, there's a style here for every hat lover..
 creams browns and whites are a big hit!!

 Feminine Fedora: It looks super classic!

 Western Vibe
If cut-offs and t-shirts define your summer style, this is the hat for you. It's laid back and totally sexy.


Monday, 13 June 2011

Jump into a Jumpsuit this Summer!!!

Women’s jumpsuits are all the rage right now. But with so many styles and varieties to choose from, it’s hard to know which is right for you. We look at which ones will best suit your body type, when to wear them and with what.
The Romper is an item that you can invest in this monsoon. Keep your look trendy and stay dry in this kind of an outfit. Gumboots and flat rainwear will go very well with them too!
* Wear a jacket over it
Simple tricks can make all the difference. Just slipping a blazer over a jumpsuit takes away the scary element completely. When you wear it this way it's not really much different from wearing trousers and a fitted top.
* Belt it If you've got a great waist, flaunt it! A belt around your jumpsuit will give you a flattering hourglass shape.
* Glam up
Accessorise with a statement necklace or an oversized bangle to take it out of the office and into the wine bar.
* Wear with heels
For a sophisticated night out heels are a must - of course!
Eva Longoria looks adorable in this light pink jumpsuit

* Go utility
When it comes to jumpsuits, pockets and zips spell plumber - not a good look! I like a sleek shape with minimal detail for simple style.
* Wear with trainers
Lily Allen's the only girl on the planet that could pull this look off so the rest of us shouldn't even try. If you want to go sporty stick to plimsolls.

Cropped leg jumpsuits are great for flattering a shorter woman.  Beyonce's looks fabulous in her cropped jumpsuit

Kim Kardashian is a big fan of rompers and can be seen wearing them very often whether it is dressed down with cute sandals or dressed up with a hot pair of heels.

It is important to pick a jumpsuit that will flatter your size and shape. Halter neck or sleeveless styles suit pear shaped women as they draw attention to the upper half of the body. They should also avoid loose fitting bottoms as they can make your bum look bigger.
Those with an apple body shape should go for shorter women’s jumpsuits as they will bring more attention to your legs. Also, twin coloured styles where the top half is slightly darker than the bottom half will give a slimmer look. Stay away from large or horizontal prints.
Petite women should opt for longer length jumpsuits that, when paired with heels, will give the illusion of more height. Vertical stripes are also a great trick to give you more height.
For the plus size woman, consider darker rather than light colours and avoid horizontal stripes. Go for fabrics that won’t cling to your body – stay away from silk and fine nits and instead go for soft chiffons and cotton fabrics.
If you’re looking for a women’s jumpsuits for a formal occasion, it’s best to go for longer lengths, whether harem or loose flowing leg styles. Halter neck or off the shoulder designs are particularly stylish. Stand out by contrasting colours with a fashionable belt and bright clutch bag. Heels look great, but flats will keep all the attention on your jumpsuit.
For everyday wear, you can play around a bit more with your style. Choose from short, mid, or long length women’s jumpsuits, where styles come in anything from boho chic to casual denim, so take your pick. Pair with sandals or flip flops and a colourful handbag..

Sunday, 12 June 2011

1 shoulder dresses.. fashion!!

It's cute, sexy, and flirty - all at the same time. One shoulder dresses are one of the hottest fashion trends for spring. Find out how to look great in one.


    • 1Don't stop at one.
      This trend is so hot, you'll want to have no less than two one shoulder dresses. Choose a basic black one and one in a flirty, vibrant color that'll really stand out for the evening.
    • 2
      Wear it against tanned skin.
      A yellow one shoulder dress looks fabulous against darker skin. Don't risk damaging your skin by getting a suntan. Instead, put on a self-tanner before you step out in one. Be sure to apply it evenly since you'll have more skin showing.
    • 3
      Wear it with a belt.
      One shoulder dresses look fabulous belted. Don't choose one that's too thick or heavy or it will overpower the dress. A belted, one shoulder dress will accentuate a small waistline and show off natural curves.
    • 4
      Go light on the jewelry.
      Necklaces are too overpowering for one shoulder dresses. If you wear one, choose a simple choker style. Emphasize the ears instead with dramatic, dangle earrings. A cuff bracelet will show off tanned arms and won't overpower a one shoulder dress.
    • 5
      Look for one with interesting detailing.
      The one shoulder dresses for spring come with lots of pretty detailing. Choose one in a solid color with ruffles or gathers around the top. This creates a softer, less severe look. It's perfect for women with a small bustline.
    • 6
      Choose the right shoes.
      Choose strappy high heels to complete the look.
    • 7
      Take it to the office.
      To save time when dressing for the evening, wear a one shouldered dress to the office with a blazer over it. For evening, take off the blazer and add the right jewelry and shoes. Instant glamour!