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Harem pants: How to make them say 'sexy'!

Harem pants; also known as the "Ali Baba" pants,for those who see
the resemblance, are making a comeback among fashionistas
and fashionable youths. Yes, everything from the 80s is back!   

These pants fall and drape in the right places, but if you’re heavy in the hips and thighs or have short legs and a long torso, you’ll want to wear really high heels to get a similar effect. Sky-high stilettos will eliminate the frump factor and add a seriously sexy line to the portion of leg not enveloped in the pants. To keep the overall silhouette clean and balanced, wear something tight and minimal on top — body skimming tanks are best for summer — tucked in or belted so that the waist shows.
These pants appear tappered at the ankle area, very roomy at the hips. They are more suitable for  figures that are lanky rather than curvy ones because they will add volume to your hips and thighs.And and, to prevent yourself from looking like Ali Baba or Aladdin(now that I remembered that Disney show), please wear them with a pair of good looking heels and not flats!
Product Information: Tank – Delias, Jacket – Buckle, Pants – Topshop, Shoes – Endless, Bag – Forever21, Ring – Windsor Store
Since the pants are the main attraction here, pair them with a tank in a muted color. Some chunky gold jewelry and strong heels make this look elegant but daring, and with the elastic waistband, its an evening outfit you can actually eat in.

American Apparel, Alexis Lamontagna and Ella Moss are using comfy cotton jersey for their version of the look. Their harem pants are casual and can be worn with something more sporty, such as a racer-back tank or fitted V-neck T-shirt. Great heels will dress them up and flatter the body, but if you’re comfortable with the silhouette, flats or flip-flops will work too.

All these pants have a huge cool factor because the look is so unexpected. And trust me — when it works, it has an attitude and slouch that simply says “sexy tomboy.” Don’t be afraid to try it.

-to wear Harem Pants…

If you really feel the need to follow this trend, here is a how-to:
Get the surrounding elements and proportions right! When you have some voluminous fabric, it’s best to keep everything around it fairly simple and on the fitted side. I would think a snug little tank top is key if you’re going to go blousy below. And I was thinking, too, that proportionally, the high, fitted waist could do a lot of favors in terms of making one’s waist appear smaller and maybe disguising some of things some of us might want disguised in the bottom area. And for my money, seeing a bit of the ankles seems to be very helpful in giving the look room to breathe. I also think you need the highest possible heel in your closet.

Harem pants can definitely work for college girls. When worn with wedges or heels, they make your legs look mile-long. They also look amazing with a fitted top that shows off your figure and a cute cropped jacket. When wearing these pants, just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple; you don’t want your accessories and jewelry to make you look like a genie.Harem pants are the fashionista’s version of sweatpants.

If you are large chested, wear a cropped, fitted blazer or jacket to keep the proportions right. Stay away from shoulder pads or anything too bulky, though, unless you’re trying for that “Hammer time” feeling.

The slightly slouchy drape across the front looks relaxed but not overwhelming, and because the style isn’t as extreme as most, you can wear flat sandals to keep the pants summery and island chic.

The key to pulling the harem pant off is by keeping things simple and letting the pants do all the talking. Wear them with a cropped jacket or a t-shirt and be sure to pair your harem pants with fabulous heels. They look great with pumps, strappy shoes and even booties. These pants tend to look better on slimmer taller women but this doesn’t mean that shorter girls should not attempt this look. Depending on the fabric and the style of the pants, both tall and short women alike can and should try them on for size. What makes these pants different from all others is that they start off like a skirt and go on to hug your legs at the bottom. Also, you should know that there are different kinds of harem pants.

Shorter women should try them in a full length version like the ones in the pictures of Rihanna, Christina Milian and Ciara. These celebrities are not super model tall, but look fabulous in harem pants and so can you. Harem pants also come full or tapered. The ones you choose depends on your personal taste. But if you are on a shorter side, always, always, always wear them with your highest heels. My personal favorite are harem pants that have pockets. They have a loose and flowy fit, but keep you looking chic and sexy at the same time.

When harem pants came down the runways at ChloĆ© and Alexander McQueen for spring 2009, they somehow glided past the cartoony pop culture associations (Barbara Eden’s Jeannie in the ’60s, MC Hammer’s ’80s gold) to help define summer’s effortlessly slouchy look.

But the style is hardly effortless to pull off. In fact, next to hot pants and high-waisted trousers, harem pants may be the most daunting item of clothing to wear. They tend to make the hips, rear and thighs look larger while making legs seem shorter. So, why venture into the harem? Because these pants are a great way to mix up the predictable pieces of the season and add something daring to a wardrobe. You can make these pants look chic and flattering — it’s all a matter of balancing proportions and adding the right accessories so the statement is bold, not “I Dream of Jeannie.”

Don't confuse harem pants with dhoti pants. Dhoti pants are loose only at the upper leg which is the thigh area. They start tapering gradually thereafter. Harem pants are airy and loose throughout the leg area except at the hemline. Also, the area with gathered fabric is more for dhoti pants and less for harem pants.

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