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Trend Alert: Bib Necklaces

Bib necklaces, regardless of the silly name, create a sophisticated statement. Like any intense piece of trendy fashion though, there are a few guidelines to follow in order to pull off the look. Named for the bib-like drape of the necklace, these layered, chunky designs can completely cover your chest, like a jeweled breastplate, consist of multiple chains, or be a subtle flower or fabric embellished design. Transform a bland outfit into something perfectly glamorous and completely your own.
Bib necklace-A bib necklace is made of multiple strands of stepped pearls.

1. Focal Point. Don't bother trying to compete for center stage with other bold accessories. Keep the chandelier earrings in the jewelry box and your outfit basically low-key. Wear small earrings and simple bangles if you must.2. Play it Safe. If you want to take the focal point advice to an extreme, pair a theatrical piece of trendy jewelry with a solid color dress or shirt without any detail at the neckline. Lay the bib necklace directly on your bare skin.
3. Contrast and Compare. Wear a necklace in a boldly contrasting color. Pair a blue dress with a bright orange bib necklace, or a green top with a shocking yellow, or the standard black and white. Take advantage of the stage worthy style with a black beaded bib tied with a black ribbon worn over a white dress. Pair with spectator pumps, short lacy black gloves and a little cocktail hat for a stunning step back in time.
4. Love Layers. Bib necklaces can create a faux neckline on a blouse. Adjust the length of the necklace if possible so that it falls precisely where you want it. Layer the bib necklace over a basic tank and under a soft cardigan to complete an outfit. This sandwich effect draws the eye up as usual, but helps tone down a dramatic necklace.
5. Casual Cool. You can be casually dressed and fashionable with a bib necklace. Pair a fun bib necklace over a fitted T-shirt and your favorite jeans. Slip on a pair of comfy flats and the cookie cutter look is turned into a creatively casual outfit.

6. Fancy Fun. Bib necklaces full of delicate beads, silk flowers and ribbons can celebrate and accentuate your femininity. Wear with a blouse or silky tank, dark-wash, wide-leg jeans with a sexy pair of heels. Carry a sweet clutch and the charming look is full of lady-like qualities in an updated design.
7. Avoid Excess. Loud patterns and heavily detailed tops full of ruffles, buttons, or decorative stitching do not pair well with bib necklaces. The confusing result is not as flattering as a solid color or otherwise more subdued top.
Ultimately the best advice is to find a uniquely you, bib necklace and wear it the way only you can. Choose a flattering color, smile inducing pattern, or your own perfect blend of sweetness and light and then wear it with confidence. You can not go wrong when you are wearing something you adore.

Isla Fisher supported her man by attending the London premiere of his new flick, Bruno.Isla played it sexy in a gray strapless minidress with cool piping. Continuing her sassy look are gray tie-up platform sandals, a gray clutch, and a funky bib necklace. Monochrome never looked this polished.

Olivia Palermo was spotted in SoHo, dressed in a conservative and chic ensemble. Her white button-down blouse acted as the perfect canvas for her oversized bib necklace which added some pizazz to her classic black shorts and silver ballet flats.
Marni's summer collection accessories - The New and improved Bib Necklace now with cloth,or wool and metal chains. The showcase vibrant colours like this one.

The trend seems to focus around the use of bold and colorful flowers, but if that's not your thing, no need to worry there are bib necklaces for all tastes and styles. Best of all you won't need to look very far to find the perfect strand, everyone from the most famous jewelery shops to your neighborhood Target are stocking up on this trendy accessory.
The best way to really make a statement with your new necklace is to pair it with your favorite little black dress or go casual with a basic white T-shirt.
Any way you wear you it, you are sure to get compliments!





How to Make a Bib Necklace

A bib necklace is an oversized necklace, usually constructed of ribbon and gems, that instantly attracts attention to your outfit and gives it an extra pop. Some bib necklaces can cost hundreds of dollars in stores, but with a few rudimentary craft supplies, you can make a bib necklace yourself in any style that you wish for little cost.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric marker
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Gems
  • Fabric glue
  • Ribbon
    1. Use a fabric marker to draw a template for your bib necklace on a piece of felt.
    2. Cut the template from the felt with scissors.
    3. Arrange the gems on the fabric in the pattern that you wish.
    4. Begin at the center, though, for the most manageable pattern of gems.
    5. Glue the gems to the felt with fabric glue and let them dry completely.
    6. Cut two strands of ribbon of identical length. The length of the ribbons will determine the length of your bib necklace.
    7. Adhere the ribbon to the bottom side of the felt with the fabric glue and let the ribbon dry completely.
    8. Cut away any extra fabric to complete your bib necklace.
    9. Simply tie your bib necklace around your neck to wear it.

Tips & Warnings 

Obtain bib necklace templates online if you'd rather not draw your own or feel that you lack the skill to draw your own.Adhere the gems and ribbon to the bib necklace well so that your bib necklace does not fall apart. Coat the gems and ribbons well with fabric glue.

  • Bib necklaces, a style famously worn by Elizabeth Taylor, are replacing last year’s long layered chains as this fall’s IT jewelry item (seen here on Jamie Lynn Sigler). But fear not, frugal fashionistas – this is one style that can take you from day to evening, desk to dinner, pretty much anywhere except the gym. The short length of these necklaces is flattering to every body type, and the impact they make is so versatile, it can create a stylish outfit out of a simple white tee and your favorite jeans, or add sparkle and glamour to the basic LBD. Follow these three simple rules to ensure that you’re on trend and on point.
    1. Create the perfect pairing. When wearing a bib necklace and a top, the necklace should sit right over the neckline of the shirt, almost like a collar. If you’re going to wear this style over a dress, the necklace should compliment the neckline of the dress – for example, square and bateau necklines don’t work well with a bib necklace. However, these necklaces are stunning with strapless, sweetheart, and scoop neck necklines.
    2. Make a statement. There’s a reason that necklaces like these are referred to as “statement” jewelry. Keep your other accessories minimal, and let the necklace do the talking.

    3. Get personal. These pieces create a lot of visual impact – so think of them as a way to express your personality. Rock edgy studs for instant tough-girl chic, try colorful beading for a Bohemian air, or tie on a beribboned style for a touch of lady-like luxe.

Causally Cool When you want to be a little more casual, the same still applies: make sure that the necklace falls over the top you are wearing. The neckline should be high enough so that the necklace comes over it unless you are wearing a deep neckline and in that case the necklace should be on the bare skin.
Pair a colorful bib over a fitted tee, boyfriend jeans and flats that bring out a color that is in the necklace. Add a fun hat such as a beanie on a chilly day or a fedora when the sun is shining.

Modern Chic If you want to keep this look very simple, you may think that wearing a bib necklace with a bare neckline that does not touch the breastbone and paired with a solid colored dress is the best way to go. But seriously, can we say boring? Instead of wearing a bib necklace in this fashion, go light on the accessories and wear it with a shirtdress, allowing it to fall over the front of the dress. Yes, the necklace will overlap with the dress, and that is OK! It is more than OK, it is very posh, and the best way to wear these kind of necklaces. For more of a glamorous look, wear a black bib necklace over a white strapless dress, with black ankle booties, and a phenomenal black clutch. To bring this look up another notch, pair it with some lovely lace gloves for the ultra daring vixen appeal.

 Feminine Fun The really lacy bibs that include silks, satins and delicate beads should be worn to really accentuate your femininity. Pair these bibs with a pretty satin blouse, skinny jeans and a sexy pair of heels. For a dressier affair, keep this look, but replace the jeans with a stunning tweed skirt and tights. Wear a pair of small earrings such as pearls and you have the finished product.

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