Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wedge it!! :P

Cameron Diaz’s Leopard Print Wedges

Wedges give a lift to life, with their typically tall designs. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they're practical too with the inherently stable walking position they provide. A wedge heel is unique in that it extends from the back of the foot to the forefront. A wedge is also distinct from a platform which describes a thick sole, usually over 3 or 4 inches. Some platforms do include wedges and these hybrids are often referred to as "platform wedges."

The wedge can offer a stylish twist to a pump, sandal, or boot. Thanks to an increased surface area, they offer a sturdy walking experience, and ultimately represent a trend lasting three-quarters of a century.

Advantages of Wedges
1. This type of shoes add height and definitely easier to walk with than stilettos.
2. They are worldly and sophisticated in cosmopolitan aura.
3. There’s no exception to the length of dress or skirts. No hassle in wearing wedges.
4. Increase your fashion quotient if you choose to wear this, by nature it is fashionable.
5. Gives shape and define your heavy ankles making them appear thinner.

Dior's cutout wedge sandals

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