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Polka Dot Dresses

Want to feel stylish, classy and be a super sexy woman? Then a polka dot dresses is your answer! Your choice will surely make you not only look sexy but feel sexy and flirty as well. I am sure you will agree with me that every woman loves to wear dresses that best match their body-cutting and complimenting their fashion style. What’s more when the dress you wear suits perfectly to your body size.
Polka dots dresses are now the trend, the latest in-fashion for the past few years. This is because of the uniqueness of the polka dot patterns from many designer collections make them so popular in the women’s fashion for both mini or a maxi dresses even skirts and shoes. However, being very fashionable, some people still face the problem of not knowing how to make the polka dot dresses work for them. In fact, they can make or break an outfit! Simply by studying the way of wearing polka dot dresses, it definitely will keep you from seeking dotty. What’s worse, it will bring you way back to the 60s or even 50s. You surely do not want to look to old fashioned!
Add polka dot dresses with a modern twist. A few peep-toed stilettos or perhaps a spaghetti strap tank top leading causes it to be seem entertaining and also new-aged.A new pretty belt could split up the actual polka dots upon any kind of dotty gown or even dress, as well as layering may boring lower the actual spectacular dots on the dotty shirt. Additionally, if you’re putting on the actual dark polka dots, it may be combined having a dark dress or even pants plus some coordinating pumps or even houses to create a person appear much more expert as well as fashionable.


I’m loving these black and white, neutral tone dots accessories in fun and contemporary style. My top pick is the spiral dot straw tote, which reminds me of coming summer days at the beach.
[Clockwise from top-left: skylar dress $44.50, handmade wooden bead earrings $25, Terrence Kelleman's magnetic desk dots $16, spiral dot straw tote $50, Miss Sixty polka dot ring $38, and gradient dot flip flops $4.99]

What Shoes to Wear with Polka Dot  Dresses

Some women find that polka dot dresses are something fun fashion choice that they can wear. Take heed, wearing the right shoes are important cause this will make your outfit look pulled together and not silly. Polka dot dresses have been all the time in style, somehow they may be the best accented with accessories such as jewelry, shoes, scarves, purses and hats. By taking the correct accessories, you will surely be a hit wherever and whatever the occasion!
A polka dot dress is cute and flirty, but you must be aware of the size of the dots to make sure they are in right proportion to your body. This will not turn you looking smaller or bigger than you are. Take this biggest challenge by making this polka dot dresses work for you rather than they control your appearance. Historically they are a vintage item, but time has changed.

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