Thursday, 18 August 2011

Kaftans: the new summer offering for women

An off-white kaftan with red and orange applique work, flared chiffon dress with shaded French knots and twigs and a turquoise kaftan with dull gold dabka work -- all this and more form designer duo Isha & Nitin Kartikeya's new summer collection for women. The Delhi-based designers brand is called Dozakh.

"Dozakh finds a way to bring incomprehensible emotions like love, lust and obsession to the free spirited soul through the art form of fashion. Through the collection we have created some of the master pieces, which will depict our signature style," Isha said.

The kaftans and dresses, a nice amalgamation of contemporary design trends and mythical elements, will depict the glamour, sophistication and feminine side of women in the age group of 16 to 56 years.
Giving details about the design concept, Kartikeya said, "The dynamic and classic textiles on the garments is characterised with patterns which is a mix of gothic and baroque imagery combined with abstract and surreal prints. All thematic and conceptual assortments have interesting historical essence attached to it."
The price-range of the collection is on request and is available at 1A, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi.
The designer duo ventured into the world of fashion in the year 2006. Isha's panache and originality and Kartikeya's intuitive and rebellious style sense brought them together.
Their inclination towards dark and revolutionary themes led to the conception of their label and stand alone store Dozakh in the same year.

"Dozakh is a capital's bespoke fashion wear destination which aims at catering to the mainstream by challenging the off-beat. It works towards making fashion as a form of entertainment to be watched and admired not just simply worn," Isha said.
Isha and Kartikeya also participated in fashion shows such as Autumn winter 2009 by Fashion Foundation of India (FFI) at the Delhi Fashion Week and are a regularly at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

 I do love a kaftan, there's nothing better than swanning around swathed in sheets of billowing fabric to make you feel like a glamorous version of Endora from Bewitched, non? Only one problem with kaftans, they don't photograph well. Case in point, Milla Jovovich here.

And this is a good one. Milla is 5"9 and has chosen a kaftan that has a drawstring waist. She also cleverly places her hand on her body to give herself more shape. Otherwise she'd look like the marshmallow man. Seriously. And that's not a good look, I should know. I once worse a beautiful kaftan to the Cleo Swimsuit party when I was Editor, and while I looked great in person, when photographed, I looked like a multicoloured blimp. I then had to publish those photos in the magazine. True story. And one we can learn from.

1. Unless you're excessively tall, or Elle Macpherson floating about on Valentino's yacht, do not invest in a shapeless kaftan.
2. Wear one that has a drawstring, or is sheer enough to spot your body through.
3. When posing in photos, always, but always put one or two hands on your hips. MUST.

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