Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Now, get owlish with your accessories!


With the snow owl set to be the state bird, the trend is looking at sporting it on jewellery, clothes and more
It started with Harry Potter's fascination for the white owl Hedwig. And now with the forest owl set to be the state bird, it's suddenly all over -from totes to tees to jewellery. With the likes of Cartier and designer Marc Jacobs having used it on rings and necklaces, desi fashionistas are also giving the nocturnal bird a thumbs-up!
The new 'It' bird.
"Owls are beautiful birds and are turning heads on high street," says designer Rocky S. "Owl is the new 'It' bird when it comes to accessories and prints. The texture of the bird is what interests me. Owls also represent wisdom and mystery and that's what fashion is all about."
Designer Falguni Peacock agrees. "The owl is a huge rage," she declares. "We did a whole line using the owl print design. You'll also find owls on pendants, bracelets, etc." She says one can get versatile while designing with this motif. "To go casual smart, try slim fit pants or leggings with the owl print for a plain look. I'd love to use these crystal embellishments on prints for a formal look too," she adds.
Bling it on!
Designer Azeem Khan says that the owl is returning as a fashion statement. He has used them as a motif in his accessory line - in brooches and neck pieces. According to jewellery designer Shaheen Abbas, when it comes to jewellery, the bird is becoming increasingly popular. Incidentally, it was actress Sonam Kapoor who first wore a necklace with an owl pendant sparking off a new trend. "I love it," says the Aisha girl. With the owlet about to become the state bird, I'm sure we'll see a lot more of it now. You can use the motif to give you a soft or hard look. For instance, if you're looking at a biker chic look team it with black and leather or since it's summer team it with a floral maxi dress or a skirt."

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