Sunday, 12 June 2011

1 shoulder dresses.. fashion!!

It's cute, sexy, and flirty - all at the same time. One shoulder dresses are one of the hottest fashion trends for spring. Find out how to look great in one.


    • 1Don't stop at one.
      This trend is so hot, you'll want to have no less than two one shoulder dresses. Choose a basic black one and one in a flirty, vibrant color that'll really stand out for the evening.
    • 2
      Wear it against tanned skin.
      A yellow one shoulder dress looks fabulous against darker skin. Don't risk damaging your skin by getting a suntan. Instead, put on a self-tanner before you step out in one. Be sure to apply it evenly since you'll have more skin showing.
    • 3
      Wear it with a belt.
      One shoulder dresses look fabulous belted. Don't choose one that's too thick or heavy or it will overpower the dress. A belted, one shoulder dress will accentuate a small waistline and show off natural curves.
    • 4
      Go light on the jewelry.
      Necklaces are too overpowering for one shoulder dresses. If you wear one, choose a simple choker style. Emphasize the ears instead with dramatic, dangle earrings. A cuff bracelet will show off tanned arms and won't overpower a one shoulder dress.
    • 5
      Look for one with interesting detailing.
      The one shoulder dresses for spring come with lots of pretty detailing. Choose one in a solid color with ruffles or gathers around the top. This creates a softer, less severe look. It's perfect for women with a small bustline.
    • 6
      Choose the right shoes.
      Choose strappy high heels to complete the look.
    • 7
      Take it to the office.
      To save time when dressing for the evening, wear a one shouldered dress to the office with a blazer over it. For evening, take off the blazer and add the right jewelry and shoes. Instant glamour!

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